Team Viva Chacala

Javier Balcazar

Javier Vallejo

I first fell in love with Chacala in the summer of 2007. As time unfolded, I was eventually married in Chacala, baptized my daughter in Chacala, and since 2011 I've been working in Chacala full time as a property manager, real estate agent and concierge. I'm perhaps the luckiest guy I know as I get to work in this tropical paradise almost every single day, putting smiles on faces and making people's vacation dreams come true. Most recently I've become a homeowner and investor in the area, making lots of friends and memories along the way. It would be my absolute pleasure to have you as a guest!

Dan Alvarez

Dan Alvarez

When I arrived in Chacala with my family in 2016, we were instantly captivated by the spectacular beaches, natural beauty, family-friendly vibes and access to activities, not to mention the local Montessori school, El Jardin. Within a month of our first arrival, we had purchased a property and then spent the following two years living as a family in Chacala while we built the Hacienda Chacala, located in the stunning Marina Chacala community. Our experience in Chacala has been incredible and the more time that passes, the more special we realize it to be. We're delighted to be working in a capacity to connect outsiders with the enchantment of this incredibly special location.